The Basics of Minecraft PvP

12. 27. 2022

The Basics of Minecraft PvP

You might be playing Minecraft: Xbox One Edition and thinking, “Hey, I sure would love to test out my new sword and bow on someone real!” But you might be worried that you don't have the skills to avoid being ganked. Well, don't worry! These are some tips to help you get from noob status to elite killer status (or halfway decent killer status) in Minecraft's Player-versus-Player (PvP).

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Let's move on to the PvP tips.

Bring a bow

You might be tempted by the temptation to rush your opponent(s) in a PvP match. However, a quality long range weapon can be a lifesaver as a standoff skirmishing and/or a way to give fleeing wuss a parting shot.

Tip: You can either put an Infinity enchantment onto your bow or carry a lot of good arrows. Without ammo, it won't work. The Infinity enchantment, all things being equal is the better choice. You only need one arrow in your inventory, which is a big mistake. However, you can also gather the fired arrows from fights and magically increase your total ammo.

You can move quickly and in a unique way

Don't rush straight at your opponent. This should be obvious as it is a great way to get shot or stabbed. Don't run in a straight line either. You should also vary your speed. This can be made easier by using Speed Potion, but even if you don't expect it, it can make a big difference in throwing off foes' timing.

Tip: Bring Ender pearls to the fight. These allow you to quickly teleport to the location of the Pearl, making it difficult for your opponent to predict. Ender Pearls can cause you damage (although this damage can be mitigated by the right armor), so don't use them if your heart isn't quite enough.

Backup weapons and other equipment should be kept on hand

We want our inventory to be as simple as possible (see below), but one thing you must always keep in mind in Minecraft is the durability and effectiveness of your stuff, especially weapons, in a fight. It might be fun to smack someone with your bronze sword, but if it breaks or leaves you barehanded, it can cause a lot of pain. Some foes might have armor that is particularly vulnerable to a particular type of attack or resistant. For maximum damage, be sure to have key alternatives in case you are confronted with this type of armor.

Tip: Inventory management can be very important. If you feel that you have too many backups or alternative items, you might consider enchanting your weapons/armor using Unbreaking to reduce the chance that they will sustain wear and tear when you hit someone with them. You should keep in mind that equipment can only have a limited number of enchantments, so you might be sacrificing some damage or other benefits to keep Unbreaking.

Beware of the circle strafe

When two opponents square off in Minecraft, or “circle off”, as the case may have been, it often turns into a circular dance, with both spinning around and launching probing shots using swords. This is boring. It's predictable and boring. Skilled PvP players will attempt to lure you into this cycle, give you a false sense of security, then hit you with a Potion of Harming or Weakness or Poison… Or just change your strafing direction and move behind you. Don't allow yourself to get trapped in this cycle. If you find yourself circling and swinging your swords for longer than a few seconds, consider switching to an alternate strategy. Back up and switch to a bow or cut across the circle, and wait for your opponent's sword to come into view. Don't be predictable.

Tip: Never underestimate the power of the snowball to knock your opponent off his feet. They don't cause any damage, but they can interrupt movement and cause damage to armor and shields. If you are excessively circle-strafing or engaging in any type of standoff, throw a few snowballs at the bad guy and then move in.

Keep your PvP inventory clean

This last tip is much easier said than done. It can be tempting to bring everything with you to a fight in a game like Minecraft, which is all about discovery, creation and having cool stuff. This is a mistake. You won't need most of the stuff that you think you will. You can simplify or consolidate most of the stuff that you do actually need by using enchantments, potions or other shortcuts. It's important to realize that you cannot be prepared for every scenario. Having an inventory that is easy to find and quick to locate will help you be better prepared. You don't want your mind to be wasting time sorting through items in order to find the right shield when you're under pressure. Keep the most important PvP scenarios in mind, and then play to your strengths.

Tip: PvP is a great way to bring your best gear. It is tempting to leave your best equipment behind in order to make sure it doesn't break or get lost. But in a PvP fight there's no room. Don't hesitate to use the best equipment you have. What are you actually doing PvP for?

See? It's simple, isn't it? Follow these five simple tips and you'll be on your way to winning fights in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition.